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The world’s best Muay Thai Gloves! 100% made in Thailand, this authentic Thai Boxing Glove feature all the quality you would expect from authentic Muay Thai gloves, plus some modern innovation. Used by professionals and amateurs alike, they feature:

  • VENTED PALMS – with double-stitched and breathable palms that allow these Muay Thai gloves to air out between training sessions without losing the integrity of the build structure so they retain their form and shape
  • CROSSOVER WRIST STRAPS – Crossover Ultra-Lock™ wrist straps, for firmer fastening and unmatched wrist support
  • DURABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE LEATHER – encases multi-layered foam padding to protect you through countless training sessions and competitions
  • AUTHENTIC – Thai Boxing Glove made in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Familiar Thai fit
  • 100% cowhide leather
  • The perfect partner for the Original Thai Shin Guards
  • Also available in Blue, Black and White

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In addition to these Muay Thai gloves, we offer a selection of gloves designed for various disciplines, including our Original Leather Boxing Gloves, MMA Training Gloves, and Krav Maga. Order these world-class leather Muay Thai gloves from Revgear today!

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